Jewelry Care

Jewerly Care

Use a Jeweler’s Cloth, such as a Sunshine Cloth, for polishing your jewelry. I use a special oxidizing solution to achieve patinas on my work. The finish will slowly darken over time from exposure to the air and environment. By using a jeweler’s polishing cloth to brighten the high areas the patina will remain in the deeper texture. Avoid dipping in a metal cleaner as it will remove all the patina. For a more thorough cleaning, gently wash in lukewarm water with a drop of mild liquid soap. Allow jewelry to dry thoroughly before polishing and storing. Always remove your jewelry before vigorous activity or entering water. Storing away from light will help preserve the finish. You can contact me for information on having the patina reapplied.

Pearl Care

Pearl Jewerly Care
Pearls are porous and require special care. Put your pearls on last to prevent direct contact with beauty products. Never use jewelry cleaners; instead wipe your pearls gently with a damp cloth. Wearing your pearls is the best way to care for them. The oils from your skin will help prevent the pearls from drying out. Do not store pearls in a sealed bag as it can store up moisture and damage your pearls, instead use a soft cotton cloth or bag.